Precious Time: New Single out 13th November!

Back with a new song and a new band sound, Jennifer will be offering the track for free from her website in exchange for an email address. 

Unsubscribe anytime, or follow the journey of the new album coming out in 2021! 

Jennifer Crook - vocals, acoustic guitar, electric harp, bv's 

Joe Coombs - electric guitar 

Jon Buckett - electric piano 

Stuart Bruce - acoustic bass guitar, bv's 

Rob Brian - drums 

Recorded and Mixed by Stuart Bruce. Produced by Stuart Bruce & Jennifer Crook. Transatlantic Roots 2020

"Time. As a child I knew it was precious. As a young adult it stretched out before me full of endless possibilities. Now I’m older there are ever-present reminders of its passing and a desire to make the most of whatever time I have left on this planet. We all have our own relationship to time and this song is for anyone who feels there is “less of it to waste and more to find.” J x

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