Precious Time

Jennifer Crook

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Precious Time

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Jennifer is back with a new single and a new band sound. Precious Time... This song is for anyone who feels there is ‘less of it to waste and more to find’.

Jennifer Crook: vocals, acoustic guitar, electric harp, bv's. Joe Coombs: electric guitar. Jon Buckett: electric piano. Stuart Bruce: acoustic bass guitar, bv's. Rob Brian: drums. Recorded and mixed by Stuart Bruce Produced by Stuart Bruce & Jennifer Crook, Box, UK © Transatlantic Roots 2020

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The Story behind Precious Time

"As a child I knew it was precious. As a young adult it stretched out before me full of endless possibilities. Now I’m older there are ever-present reminders of its passing and a desire to make the most of whatever time I have left on this planet. This song is for anyone who feels there is ‘less of it to waste and more to find’. 

‘Precious Time’ began many years ago after a conversation with a friend who had just had a health scare. We talked about old times. “Those were the days” I said. He said, “No, these are the days and I don’t want them to end.” It stuck in my mind. 

I put some ideas down (onto whatever I recorded ideas onto back then) but mostly it just stuck in my head with a melody and a chorus. Fast forward to last year and I started singing it live. The last time we performed ‘Precious Time’ there was a friend sitting in the audience, and, it turned out to be the last time I ever saw him. Gone too soon, and with little warning, he was someone who always encouraged me to be true to myself and live fully because we never know what’s around the corner. As time passes, songs can become even more poignant. 

When I finally got into the studio and played it with the band the song evolved into something more hopeful than I first imagined it to be. In this changing world so much depends on time, and its become ever more important to use it wisely, remember what matters most and treasure the moments we share." Jx

Jennifer Crook - vocals, acoustic guitar, electric harp, bv's 

Joe Coombs - electric guitar 

Jon Buckett - electric piano 

Stuart Bruce - acoustic bass guitar, bv's 

Rob Brian - drums 

Recorded and mixed by Stuart Bruce 

Produced by Stuart Bruce & Jennifer Crook 

Transatlantic Roots 2020

© Jennifer Crook

Photography by Peter James Millson


Precious Time © Jennifer Crook

Faded and frail with a coffee stain, secret book of words from a country train

little souvenirs of a rainbow life, treasure trove of all the dark and light

back when it stretched ahead for years and we had all we needed


Time, time, precious time

slipping through these hands of mine

I’ve got less of it to waste, more to find

precious time

precious time


In the house of dreams there’s a broken chair, pretty little rocks in a box somewhere

there’s a face I love in a picture frame, she would not believe how the world has changed

and how the weeks and months go by and whisper now or never


Those were the days I said to my old friend

he said, no, these are the days and I don’t want them to end

Why does it take staring death in the face before we really want to live?

I’m not really sure of myself these days but I know that I’ve got more to give with this

Time, time, precious time...