1. Black Fly

From the recording Carnforth Station

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from 'Carnforth Station' released 15/09/2014


Simply take the road ahead
That's what the old man said
Try not to fret or care
And you'll get there
Two paths in the wood and I
Took the one less travelled by
And then I stood and wondered why
The sky was falling

Black fly in my wine
I'll learn to pay no mind
Some things just take their time
Blackbird in my dreams
You sing the saddest things
Little birds will find their wings
By morning

Signs and wonders guide the way
That's what the wise ones say
As I stumble through another day
In the darkness
Where are the roses now?
The buds remain upon the bough
And somewhere far above the clouds
The sun's still shining

Black fly in my wine..

At first the mountain was too steep
Then the river ran too deep
Then I thought I could not go
One step further
When the world was full of doubt
The tide went in and the tide went out
And ‘fear be banished’ was the shout
From every corner

Black fly in my wine...