From the recording A Few Small Things

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with Clive Gregson - acoustic guitar and hammond organ and Andy West - backing vocals.

from A Few Small Things released 28/04/ 2008


I don’t mind the rain when it falls upon me
I don’t mind the icy sun in a winter sky
I don’t mind the waves crashing on me
I don’t mind the salty taste of the tears you cry

I don’t mind this cold wind if it keeps me singing
Every road has its twists and its turns
Every goodbye spoken is a new beginning
Where love songs comfort and a slow flame burns

And a little sip is as much as most get
from any goblet of delight
Well I have tasted nowhere near enough yet
But days like these whisper that I might

For I’ve had my fill of this cup of sorrow
And the nights when the dark shadows fall
And it’s slowly dawning that come tomorrow
We will see some kind of beauty in it all

A bitter wind still carries laughter
And shivers slowly melt into a smile
And if it sounds too much like happy ever after
Maybe it will be for a little while

I don’t mind the darkness if it draws you to me
The moon always lights up the way
And the sun it rises without warning
Like a rose in morning on a heartbreak day
© Jennifer Crook 2008