1. Battle Scars

From the recording Battle Scars

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Battle Scars

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The first single from Jennifer's upcoming album is a beautiful and powerful love song for you, me, and all of us as we heal from the past and meet each other with love, compassion and understanding. “This is an amazing recording, both gentle and powerful” Felixstowe Radio

Jennifer Crook - acoustic guitars, lead vocal
Stuart Bruce - acoustic and fretless bass, harmony vocal
Joe Coombs - electric guitar
Dan Moore - organ
Rob Brian - drums, percussion

Recorded by Stuart Bruce in Box, Wiltshire, and Bath, UK.
Produced and Mixed by Stuart Bruce and Jennifer Crook
Mastered by Stuart Bruce

© Transatlantic Roots 2022
Music & Lyrics © Jennifer Crook


Cover me in kisses love before this dream is over
Let our troubles drift away on the morning breeze
Let the sunlight soothe us in the places we got broken
’Til the darkness is a distant memory

And you tell me you’ve got battle scars
And if I love you will I love the wounded parts?

Somehow I’d forgotten in the chaos of existence
There is always something beautiful to see
Caught up in the lies and all the psycho talk and reasons
I forgot about the simple poetry

And I tell you I’ve got battle scars
And if you love me will you love the wounded parts?
We’ve all got battle scars

We didn’t mean to speak those words
And there are some best never heard
We didn’t mean it, but it hurt
And hurt people hurt sometimes

When you’re out there on the frontline, on your knees and on the breadline
It’s the last time ’til it’s happening again
And I’ve seen them stab you in the back, you take the fall, get back on track
‘Cos there’s something in your heart that always shines

And you tell me you’ve got battle scars
And if I love you will I love the wounded parts?
Well you’ve got yours and I’ve got mine and we’ve got ours
We’ve all got battle scars