Press Reviews

Precious Time (single) 2020  

"Absolutely Gorgeous!" BBC Wiltshire

Sea Glass (single) 2020

 "I absolutely love that"  Mark Radcliffe, BBC Radio 2, The Folk Show

"What a gift to music this track is" Frome FM

"I have so much I want to say about this beautiful track, that I don't know where to begin. Firstly, it is partly the beauty of this song, partly the story behind it, and probably, partly the times in which we are living, but I can't listen to this piece of music without finding tears in my eyes. It is so moving... The cast of this track is truly stellar. The combination of the instruments... is exquisite. The song is so deeply poignant now at this time of corona virus."  Fatea

"In a changing and contentious world it’s reassuring to know that there are wonderfully talented artists like Jennifer Crook…One of the absolute highlights of a memorable evening was Jennifer’s song “Seaglass”, which she wrote for Miranda Sykes, when she lost a dear friend. This was the first time that Jennifer had played “Seaglass” live and it was simply stunning."  Fatea, Live Review, Bothy Folk Club  2019 

The Year, She Turns  2017

"Jennifer Crook's magnificent musical almanac...would be very difficult to say which of these tracks are my favourite. Simply adore them all" Fatea

Carnforth Station 2014

"I urge you to give this a listen. This is contemporary songwriting and performing at it's best. Whoever helped Crowd-fund this release - you should all be proud of yourselves"  Maverick*****   

"This is a superb record.... although her voice is nothing like Mitchell’s, she has a core strength that brings Blue to mind. Still, Jennifer is very much herself and also a writer with her own unique set of gifts that melodically and lyrically, place her a cut above many of her contemporaries.”  Folk Radio UK 

"Crook’s beautiful voice is immediately heard at it’s soaring, aching best...songs of rediscovery and of missed opportunities, they capture the expressive quality of Crook’s vocals." R2 (Rock'n'Reel) ****  

"Jennifer Crook is on fine form. A quality record that showcases her talents and allows her voice to shine"  The Telegraph***  

"An album of great beauty incorporating trad Irish, bluegrass and alt country/Americana rootsy melodies married to thoughtful lyrics...superb!"  From Albion and Beyond (USA)  

“I have no idea why this girl isn’t absolutely huge ‘cos she writes so many great songs”  Dublin FM  

"Heartfelt and personal, the girls done herself proud."  Acoustic 

"From the first song she has me isn't just a piece of music it is a fantastic piece of storytelling."  Fatea  

"Carnforth Station has a strong transatlantic flavour to its theme of travel and searching... it makes a neat combination, since old-time US music has always sung of rootlessness, restlessness and the quest for home.  High praise." Morning Star

“Heart-wrenchingly gorgeous music…just go buy the album”  Roots and Fusion  

"Warm, organic, real. Great songs and terrific musicianship"  Trevor Dann BBC Radio Producer  

Merry-Go-Round 2011

"I'm really, really loving the new album Merry-Go-Round - it's beautiful"  Bob Harris BBC Radio 2 

"...and they don’t come much better than Darrell Scott on the austere duet and instant classic ‘Cowboys’. Jennifer has employed her stellar studio cast well and her expertise for songwriting and arrangement define this accomplished album." Spiral Earth  

“If you don’t get a warm glow when you listen to songs like She Wore Red, Come September, Cowboys or Catching Butterflies, then I can only assume that you are cold and dead inside. An amazing, amazing record, the kind of thing that gives modern folk a good name.”  Zeitgeist  

"‘ From the vivid storytelling in ‘She Wore Red’ to the beautiful imagery in ‘Come September’, Crook is a writer who paints a picture with an elegant turn of phrase. " Fish Records

"Crook is a class act… delivering instantly hummable, captivating vignettes in her warm, generous voice."R2 (Rock 'n' Reel) 

 "It’s the more reflective numbers like She Wore Red‘s hymn to the free spirit 60s that stand out and mark her transition from go to session harpist to star turn. " NetRhythms 

"The songs of Jennifer Crook deserve to be known by a wider audience. A brilliant new album " Maverick****

 A Few Small Things 2008 

"Spellbinding"  Acoustic  

 "An enchanting of those records that repeatedly delights and captivates"  fRoots

"Exquisite...a remarkable CD with a great collection of self-penned songs"  Maverick****

“Tender acoustic finesse…Ten originals with roots in traditional folk but which head for the mainstream thanks to their stimulating melodies and supreme settings….will touch a nerve with many a soul and certifies Jennifer's status as a talent with a white light future”  Musician  

"Though there are legions of North Americans mining this neo-traditional territory loosely termed Americana, there surprisingly aren’t many English singer-songwriters following a parallel course. Most seem to be either hung up on imitating American songcraft or sticking to a purist version of English folk. A Few Small Things is unique, a breath of fresh air, and hopefully the way forward."  Listomania