From the recording Aftermath (Radio Edit)

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Aftermath (radio edit)

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Jennifer Crook - vocals, acoustic guitar, bv’s, tambourine
Joe Coombs - electric guitars
Daan Temmink - organ, wurlitzer
Stuart Bruce - bass, electric guitar, hand claps, cowbell
Rob Brian - drums

Produced by Stuart Bruce and Jennifer Crook. Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Stuart Bruce in Box and Bath, UK.

© Transatlantic Roots 2022

Music & Lyrics © Jennifer Crook 2022

Photography by Pete Millson


In the aftermath when you’re crawling in the dust
And you’re clinging to the wreckage and the loss
Everything is broken, nothing’s making sense
Given where you find yourself who cares what they meant
There’s only devastation down a road to discontent

In the aftermath when you’re done with pretty lies
And the brutal truth surrounds you on each side
There is no explanation, just an avalanche of pain
You were begging for an answer, but the answer never came
And all you really know for sure is everything has changed
In the aftermath

Climbing up the mountain to redemption
Falling from the sky in just one breath
Looking all around at this destruction
Looking all around for something left

In the aftermath when they drag you through the dirt
And they make sure that your voice is never heard
How could you let this happen, how could you turn away
Living with a human heart gets harder every day
And mine is a cathedral and it echoes with a hundred years of all it’s got to say
In the aftermath

In the aftermath I run, stumble and fall
Like a child out after dark nobody calls
They say the dust will clear and I’ll be stronger in the end
Like a Phoenix from the ashes I’ll be rising up again
But I can’t see it under all the rocks that hit the path
I’m lost, just like you
In the aftermath

There will be a Phoenix from the ashes rising up again
There will be a Phoenix from the ashes rising up again
Rising up again
Rising up again