The first single from my upcoming album will be out 25th March!!

Spring is officially here in the UK and I’m excited to announce that the first single from my upcoming album will be released into the world THIS coming FRIDAY 25th March!! 🎶 

"We've all got Battle Scars..." " 
*Battle Scars is a beautiful and powerful love song for you, me, and all of us as we heal from the past and meet each other with love, compassion and understanding.* 

Battle Scars was the first song to be recorded for the new album and features the sublime playing of; my co-producer Stuart Bruce on acoustic and fretless bass; Joe Coombs on electric guitar; Dan Moore on organ and Rob Brian on drums and percussion. 

A note from Stuart. 
“ When Jen first played me the song I immediately fell in love with the way the melody weaves its way through her intricate guitar part. The lyrics have a deep emotional resonance for us both so it felt natural for me to be the second voice and in that original recording it fell into place almost immediately. It wasn’t until we finally found the band and played it with them that we realised what else could be added, it just had to be played by them. They “got it”, the spark that was already there found three new voices and we could complete the track. Sometimes things come quickly and sometimes patience is the key."

For those of you who have already pre-ordered the album, thank you for your patience! The record is sounding amazing and we've had some great feedback. We will be releasing songs over the spring and summer prior to the full album release in September. I hope you enjoy discovering some of the new songs as the seasons unfold.

I wrote Battle Scars on my beloved Gibson LG1 (made the year I was born) and it was the first song to be recorded for the new album. It wasn’t until later that I realised the pertinence of the lyrics in the light of the pandemic - and now the war in Ukraine - something I could never have foreseen when I wrote ‘I’ve seen you on the front-line, on your knees and on the breadline’… 

It’s been described as an incredibly moving and beautiful song and I hope you think so too.

Jennifer x 

Photography by Pete Millson

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