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🍁 "Oh Canada..."

The way Joni sings that line… is how I feel when I think about my most recent musical adventure. 

After a long flight across the Atlantic, another flight, and then a few hours on the highway... we finally landed at…

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Canadian collaborations and a Brand New Day

"Life is good..."

Sometimes someone comes into your life for a short time and lifts your spirits when you need it most - like touring musician Matt who, many years ago, inspired the opening lyric of my new song. Or…

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Further Along the Crooked Road

A decade ago I was just re-adjusting to ‘normal’ life again after coming off tour playing electric harp with Snow Patrol. It had been an amazing experience but I wanted to go back to performing my own songs in a…

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Friendship and the story of Sea Glass

The song ‘Sea Glass’ touches on many things that are important to me but perhaps the most significant, is friendship. In an era when most of the post that arrives through the door is either from utility companies or the…

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It Won’t Be Forever Autumn

‘Forever Autumn’…. that’s a song I haven’t heard in quite some while. It was beautifully sung and played last weekend by Sarah McQuaid who came to our village to perform. I remember it from Jeff Wayne’s ‘War of the Worlds’…

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